Crisis Management Services

Crisis Management Services

CEO Gregg Patterson and the IMS team have worked with numerous organizations in turnaround crisis situations. While all this work is confidential, we can supply references.

It can happen in any organization. Unexpected events or misunderstood communications can throw an organization into a tail spin. This is when it is time to take the proper actions to minimize losses or market share.

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Crisis Situations can include:

Late, Incorrect or Misleading Financial Records

Our team is experienced in reconstructing accounting records.

Cash Flow Issues, Financial Loss or Organization Instability

We bring in our experienced financial team to work with your team to develop a plan of action.

Pending Lawsuits

We team up with your legal team to maximize your outcome.

Sudden loss of key employees

Let us provide you with interim qualified & experienced staff while you search for replacements or use our recruiting services to find the best qualified individuals.

Employer Practice Issues

We partner with your labor law legal team to help resolve internal employment issues.

Staff Or Team Conflicts

We come in and listen to your staff in pursuit of building a functioning employee team.