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Interim Management Services

Interim Management Services

(CEO) Chief Operating Officer & (CFO) Chief Financial Officer

IMS provides interim management and strategic consulting services to organizations across a broad range of industries from start-ups to private industry to non-profits. This includes manufacturing, food processing, warehouse and distribution and more. We also work with clients to provide our management and C-level executive teams for turnarounds, transitions, change management, successions, and start-ups.

We'll partner with you to deliver customer solutions that help you gain greater efficiencies and add to your bottom line.

Interim Management Services List:

  • Interim Executives - Interim CEO, COO, CFO, and all Management Levels
  • Interim CEOs with turnaround management, restructuring and start-up experience
  • Transition Management
  • Change Management
  • Succession Management
  • Outside Directors for Boards
  • Strategic planning
  • Business Plan Development
  • Project management
  • Team facilitation

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